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frequently asked questions
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when will my portraits be ready?

generally, your order will take around four to six weeks from your order date.

why does it take so long to print the portraits?
week 1
images are expertly edited to customer specification and
frames / products are ordered.
week 2 images are double checked and sent to the laboratory for printing
by the production manager.
week 3 / 4 all products are hand finished and built to client’s specifications.
week 5 orders are completed and triple checked by the production team.
week 6 we only call the customer when the whole order is complete - most
customers will receive a call here. some orders will be ready in
four weeks if less complicated.

how long do you keep the images on file for?

the images you order are kept on file for 2 years, while the rest of the images
are kept for up to 3 months.


what if my relatives would like to order
images too?

yes, that's fine. However, as we do take a lot of images of children, we shall
need to double check with the parents that the order may go ahead. you may view and reorder your images online.


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